Monday, October 26, 2009

Beginning to a New Era

Part of Speech: n
Definition: an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called Weblog, Web log

I can't remember the last time I had a "diary" or even posted chronological thoughts (well except for updates via twitter, facebook, myspace). It seems that those few networking sites are changing so much I decided to find a way to update events in my life.

I'm not sure how I feel about the whole "blog" thing anyways, it makes me wonder who would actually follow me. Would I have to be an idol, or would I even have to be successful? So many people seemed to be facinated with other peoples lives and how they are living it, why wouldn't I post a chronological timeline of events in my life?

I feel as though I'm just an average girl, who's life is unfolding and through all of the good and bad, I'd make it public. So just a few events to get you up to date within my life:

DAVID: David & I just had our one year anniversary this month! :) We've been doing a lot of new things lately. Being spontaneous and just going places and trying new things. It's put a new outlook on our relationship. I think with us going to church together and doing different things with the church it's also made our relationship a lot stronger. We don't have your average relationship. We try not to sweat the small stuff, and think ahead of the future. We have so much fun together and so much in common but have our own seperate personalities. We try to make the best out of every possible situation. I care about him so much and couldn't imagine life without him.

CHURCH: It's been almost a year now that I've been going to RidgePoint Church in Winter Haven, Florida and it is undoubtedly a different church. The first thing that I started to like about the church was the pastor Timm Collins. He was blunt and to the point. He broke down the bible into today's English. He also had history behind the message, which automatically draws me in. Then was the rest of the people. We had a few select people that came up to us every week and said hello( Chris Weatherly & his wife ), made sure we(David & I) were comfortable and welcome. I think from then on we felt so welcome we just kept coming. Then we joined small groups with Timm & his wife. We've gained not only fellow followers in Christ but great friends. Life lessons from them have helped me become closer to God. We have also now become Youth Leaders and working on some other things for the church. It is a family away from a family.

Well that's all for now really, here is a favorite youtube vid of mine for the closing thought. Enjoy! :}

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